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I'm the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of I'm a part-time rebel, full-time skater. I've skated spots from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn to skate spots in Chicago's Gold Coast to Skid Row, Los Angeles & the rails around San Francisco moving along towards Santa Cruz and of course, not to forget the pools in PHX. I've also damaged benches and curbs in W1, London and Tel Aviv.

I'm going to create an online community for skaters. A portal that will include the greatest skate shops & a destination where we can gather resources and map out skate sessions. A skate forum. I'm a full-time developer & a designers. I'm capable of putting the entire project overnight if necessary - but I require a street team. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, if you got material such as video submissions // photo submissions // sponsorship opportunities - please, let's connect.

If you think has a good potential - and have some ideas to share, and would like to pursue on this project with me - don't hesitate, email me, Follow me on Google+, Facebook & Twitter. is the online destination for the rebellious vandalist. The feature below will allow you to search a street spot by your state/city.